Grilled Prawns Dashi Pasta

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Recipe from Jamie Lu (Instagram @anythingjamie)
Serves (no. of pax): 2 pax
Preparation Time (mins): 30 mins (Preparation and Cooking time)
Difficulty Level: Easy




1 Tbsp

Avocado Oil

6 Pcs


1 Tbsp


6 Cloves

Garlic, sliced

2-3 Pcs

Roma Tomatoes, chopped


Dashi Stock (add more or less depending on the type of pasta)


Linguine Pasta

Bunch of

Chopped Parsley

Pinch of

Salt and Black Pepper to taste


Chili Flakes and Parsley



  1. Heat avocado oil in a cast iron pot. 
  2. Using high heat, sear prawns (pat dry) on both sides till lightly charred. Remove and transfer to a small plate.
  3. Add butter and sliced garlic and stir till garlic crisp up. 
  4. Add chopped Roma tomatoes, ½ dashi stock and pasta. Cover the lid and let the pasta absorb the dashi stock. 
  5. Add more dashi stock along the way till the pasta is cooked till al dente. Season the pasta with salt and black pepper if needed. Add parsley and give it a good mix.
  6. Plate pasta and prawns together. Garnish with chili flakes and parsley.

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